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 Raging Tiger Paintball

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Angry Dragon
Angry Dragon

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PostSubject: Raging Tiger Paintball   Mon May 28, 2007 11:08 am

I'm looking at changing our field section around, but until then, lets talk about great places to play paintball.

Raging Tiger is a very new field, I think the game I played on May 26 2007 was only there 3rd event.

This is a Woodsball Field and right now that is just about all they have other than four "forts" that are pretty much just spots in the woods with "black tarps" wrapped aound some trees. They have about 25 acres roped off with yellow "Caution" tape and right now there are a few four wheeler trails in the field. Along with some creeks and plenty of hills and under brush, hiding out in this field is not a problem.

Now lets get down to the important stuff! Did I have fun play here? Yes, even though it was a holiday weekend and most people where on vacation somewhere so the turnout to this event was a little low. Bulldog runs a good game filled with fun props that stay inline with a well resurched story. I think that as time goes on more and more will be added to the field and things will start to smoothen out.

For as young as this field is, they have plenty of camping sites, restrooms, air (co2 and HPA) and good times. New to me in the world of 24 hour events = 24 hours! I left this field about midnight after the first night game. And I say first, because they where running the second night game when I left, with plans to keep on going until 9am, when the 24 hours time line would end.

So I would ask everyone to checkout there web site and possibly sign in and add it to your wed favorites under paintball fields. Bulldog says more and more events will be added as well as just weekend open play.

I almost forgot to mention cost. I paid $20 for field fees with all day air. They are still working out paint deals, so paint was $45 or 50. I payed with Draxxus Procaps Bronze, it shot great. But what I think will be nice for the team is because they have not worked out paint deals at least for now BYOP is on!

I just checked there web site and Field fee is $25, that includes air, looks like BYOP is for non events only, but we still might be able to work out a deal?
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Raging Tiger Paintball
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