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Carolina Riot is a scenario paintball team
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 Team Rules

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PostSubject: Team Rules   Tue Mar 13, 2007 1:20 am

Team Captain

General Team By-Laws

1. Team membership is capped at 50

2. An issue can be brought to the membership for a vote only with a motion by an active member.

3. All issues that require a vote of the entire team membership are decided by a simple majority vote.

4. The minimum age to be a member of the team is 16. Exceptions will be made if a parent is a team member

5. No smack talking against other teams

6. Minimize swearing on and off the field

7. No stickers or t-shirts that have swear words on them.

8. Membership requirements can be waived, with no penalty to the member, for medical reasons by Team Captain

Becoming a Member:

We have no set rules for becoming a member. We are always looking for new members for the team, but we want to get to know a prospective member. We want to make sure that the way we play and the type of games we play are what the prospective member wants and we want to make sure that the prospective member is a good fit with the rest of the team. Therefore we encourage people who want to join the team to come out and play with the team. Once the team has a chance to get to know a prospective member the team membership will vote to decide if the prospective member will be invited to join or not. The Team Captain is the only one who can bring a prospective member to the membership for a vote.

Membership Requirements:

1. All members will be required to attend 4 events per calendar year. I f a member does not attend the required number of events then he/she will be placed on the inactive list.

2. Attendance of events will be posted under the attendance sticky on the forum, this list will be used to determined the attendance of the 4 required events. If errors are found let the team secretary know within 2 weeks of the attendance list being posted. If the list has not been challenged within 2 weeks of posting, it will be considered correct and will not be changed.

3. All members will be required to purchase an approved uniform (see below) within 6 months of becoming a full member.

4. All members will be required to pay $10 in dues in January of each year.

5. If a member does not meet the attendance requirements for 2 consecutive years, they will lose their membership and will be required to go through the probationary process to regain their membership.

6. Members are not allowed to join another organized scenario/rec/tournament team.


1. The member uniform will include one t-shirt and a jersey. Active members will be allowed to purchase t-shirts and jerseys.

2. Each active member will be expected to wear their team jersey at least one day of each event we attend. Active members are also encouraged to wear their t-shirts on the second day of the event.

3. Active members will be expected to wear military style woodland camouflage pants or paintball pants with their jerseys.

Acceptable Camo Patterns:

1. Digital ACU

2. Subdued ACU

3. Woodland

4. Woodland Marpat

5. Tiger Stripe

6. Subdued Tiger Stripe

Not Acceptable Camo Patterns:

1. Real Tree or any variation of Real Tree

2. Desert Camo

Sponsorship Rules:

1. Only active members are eligible for sponsorship benefits. \

2. Anyone with a payable balance ie team dues, billings for uniforms, t-shirts, etc for greater than 30 days past the purchase date or due date will be prohibited from making sponsorship purchases until the payable has been satisified. This will be strictly monitored.

Team Administrative Positions:

These positions are not leadership positions within the team. They are positions that various members hold to facilitate the operation of the team.




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Team Rules
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