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Carolina Riot is a scenario paintball team
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 Code of Conduct

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PostSubject: Code of Conduct   Tue Mar 13, 2007 1:21 am

Code of Conduct

The Carolina Riot scenario paintball team strives to play honorable and stand up paintball.

Therefore the following actions will not be tolerated:

On the field:

Cheating: If you feel the hit call yourself out, if you are unsure call yourself out.

Stealing: If it is not yours don't touch it.

Trash Talking: We are there to have fun not to put everyone down.

Swearing: Kids play paintball we don't need to expand their vocabulary

Arguing a Call: The Refs are right period, if something has to be discussed let the team captain do it.

Physical Altercations: We are not there to get into fist fights, walk away from the situation.

Arguing with Team Leadership: The team leadership is not perfect, if you have a problem discuss it in private

Safety Violations: Leave your mask on when on the field, obey all safety rules of the field.

Off the Field

Insulting a fellow team member or sponsor

Insulting the field staff

Not cleaning up after yourself

Using paintball equipment in a manner that is not intended off of the field. (this will get you a suspension or more likely an expulsion quicker than anything else. Paintball suffers from a bad public image mainly due to people using paintball markers for malicious intent.)
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Code of Conduct
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