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 Red Fox paintball & the upcoming MPP event

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Udderly Ridiculous
Udderly Ridiculous

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PostSubject: Red Fox paintball & the upcoming MPP event   Sun Apr 19, 2009 10:42 am

Some of you have played at Vaughn's place before so you know how the place is. I went there yesterday to check out the place again, play some rec and see how it is preparing for the MPP game coming up.
Well, the field is the same, no major changes there. The staging area is the same, picnic tables in front of the storage building. The non existent chrono area is still non existent, at least they made me chrono once....once.
There is still no safety barrier between the field, staging area & parking areas. He needs to put some up & Noyes told me he had some but just has not done it yet.
This is a nice field & with a few features to minimize they stray ball in the face can be one of the great places to play. It can be up there with PBC, Bear Claw, ABP & the other nice fields around the south.
He needs a chrono area enclosed, maybe with some junkie's input he will go the next step and inprove what he has. He seemed to take offense to some of my personal comments but I had to say them and maybe if he takes them to heart they will help improve his business and help to sell the place like he wants to do.
The refs were okay, but when we (me & another walk on) were dropped off at the one where the attackers had to come up the hill, getting off the back of the truck there were two guys sitting there with their mask off & Vaughn yelled at them and the ref that was already there. Bad situation there.
Noyes was there at the beginning but had to leave so I cannot comment about him, he has played the MPP games and sided with us at BC in February, staying with me on a few attacks. The others there were too laid back in my opinion, not making forcefull calls and letting the players argue calls. I am sure with some guidance they will be fine, not sure how long the two that were training have been doing it.
I hope they make the few changes that I told them about so that all of us can be safe and the field can improve on their safety.
Hope to see all our team there in June, and if anyone decides to make a visit before then post up and maybe I can join you.


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Red Fox paintball & the upcoming MPP event
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