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Carolina Riot is a scenario paintball team
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PostSubject: Ballbusters   Thu Aug 13, 2009 1:57 am

Biggest takeaway----terrible paint and service

Safety---Id give them 9 out of 10
Overall very safe…the safety orientation left a bit to be desired and missed allot of points…safety was well and regularly enforced…early on I did see a few things that shouldn’t have happened...and they still allow barrel plugs… a good safe place to bring the family and try paintball

Firing rates---I don’t rate this I just tell what it is
All modes allowed—I run 10BPS-psp nothing ever said
280 chrono (maybe 275 if you with a new group)

The fields---Id say 6 outta 10
In all fairness, I didn’t play every field, I played the speedball and the town several times…I played a large woods field maybe once…fields were great and very well laid out …the x ball field seemed to need the bunkers filled allot? …there weren’t that many fields and they were way spread out so bring a backpack…that’s not entirely accurate there were other fields we just didn’t play them and were never offered too and the regulars acted almost as if those fields were closed?

Prices--- Id say 9 outta 10
Really reasonable and fair prices. 15$ field fee and all day air/co2…Paint was $45 a case

Rentals---id say 4 outta 10
I wouldn’t rent crap from them or bring new players out and have them rent here…every rental mask I saw stayed fogged no matter what people tried (granted it was 98 degrees)…allot of the rental markers were junk…some were good but allot of junk

Paint--- Id give them -2 out of 10 (that’s right negative two, as in less then zero)
Wall-mart has far better paint…I bought 2 cases…A)there wasn’t a round ball in the box…B) it wasn’t that the paint had flat spots and dimples…each ball had 10 flat spots or dimples…that’s inexcusable and unacceptable…I personally witnessed a customer question the owner on this fact …and he really didn’t have an answer…if that’s the best paint you can get…do bring your own paint till you get your ducks in a row and the logistics figured out

Air/CO2/Nitro--- Id say 4 outta 10
Continually my 20 oz CO2 could not be filled more the then 13ozs….the air fills repeatedly couldn’t get over 3000 and I watched as the owner beat some of the air fittings and tanks with a hammer to get things working…so your stuff is jammed with crud and now I can have that in my gun …great thxs allot

Services---Id give them a 2 out of 10 there
They did have a shop …it had more stuff then wall-mart but not much more…no markers for sale…jerseys..pants ..videos…none
they did have a few co2 tanks some odd and end parts and a few pads

Proshop---- 0 outta 10
They didn’t have one at all. You can’t get your stuff fixed here and if you can…you better not

Staff---3 Outta 10
The non ref staff left allot to be desired. When I bought paint they just handed my the box “like ok”…when I asked that we open the box and check for brakes they kinda looked at me like it was a new concept
Several times it was hard to get the staff over to refill the CO2 or chrono and everyone just acted like they had better stuff to do absolutely zero passion for the game

Refs---5 outta 10
The ref enforced the rules but other then that they didn’t seem to care…several times during the day I had a hard time getting refs for games etc… Maybe more people showed up then they planed on…maybe the air/ co2 woes were demanding attention…but either way we waited for 10 mins on the speedball field with maybe 20 people for a ref…Also the refs don’t wanna break up the local teams no matter what and I’m ok with that... but just be forewarned…I played maybe 3 or 4 games with a bunch off walk-ons against a local team? Im there for fun so I didn’t care

Players---10 out of 10
The players were great.. all out to have fun. Probably one of the most diverse groups I’ve seen at a paintball field. Just everyone great ..Helpful, friendly, joking…just great paintball players of all skill levels welcoming players of all skill levels. Probably the average age in the 20’s . Maybe 80% adults 20% kids and everyone kinda lookin out for the little guys/gals

Facilities /Food---- Id say 2 outta 10
I didn’t buy anything in that realm…but they did have snacks and drinks

Oddities/ notes --- I was in there office while someone was asking how to care for the brand new marker and the owner of the field suggested lubing it with transmission fluid??? I couldn’t believe my ears.. heavy hydraulic detergent oil…my marker oil looks just like…and that couldn’t possibly gum up anything

Overall ---Id say a nice field to play…just great people there…had a good time…but ALLOT (tons and tons) of room for improvement by the facility…I wont be in any kinda hurry to come back anytime soon
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