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Carolina Riot is a scenario paintball team
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 Red fox games

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PostSubject: Red fox games   Thu Aug 13, 2009 2:04 am

Biggest Takeaway---unsafe as hell---or like the corvair book....unsafe at any speed

Safety---Id give them a 1 out of 10
They make an honest effort to keep the place safe, but there was a lot of firing in zones and at times where there shouldnt have been any. The more experienced refs work the new player games and are far more strick. Experienced players will get grouped against each other and will get a less experienced ref.

The fields---Id say 8 outta 10
They have many different mini scenario fields and there great check the website. The only 2 things id warn you about with the fields are number 1 bring a backpack some fields are quite a hike and you may want to play your way back to your car and supplys 2nd if your allergic to bees stay away from that place in the summer

The prices are great very inexpensive ---so thats another 10 outta 10
10$ field fees, 10$ all day air I think we paid 55 a box for paint

The rules---The rules were great so another 10 outta 10
There was no restriction on firing rates or modes, They allow barrel plugs...The general mask rules and firing rules that all fields use they used ..they just didnt enforce them well

Services---Id give them a 2 out of 10 there
THey due have rental equipment...Looking at the age and maintance on the rental equipment. Id recomend not renting anything or bringing anybody without any gear. Using there rental equipment against anyone elses stuff, you wouldnt want to ever play paintball again

Proshop---- 0 outta 10
They have nohing, paint -air-- co2- thats it... you need any gun parts etc they better be in your car

Staff---4 Outta 10
They really dont have any staff, the owner the refs and one kid walking the parking lot ..picnic table area tryin to watch over everones stuff. The owners a nice guy..but hes a little off

Refs---5 outta 10
They are real nice and help you with the strategys of the field and try to keep the teams balanced, but on safety its kinda hit or miss. They have allot kids reffing, and allot kids playing that all know each other from school and that dynamic kinda plays into it also

Players---8 out of 10
The players are great theres always allot of people here so its easy to get a pick up game. Allot of the players are high school / middle school kids. This is like after school Karate or somethin... for there parents. They drop them off when he opens, with 100$ in there little pockets, and pick em up when he closes...but they play the field regularly, and are really good at it so the competition is great...just the 10 adults...50 kids dynamic is kinda wierd...

Facillities /Food---- Id say 2 outta 10
They really dont have anything, a porta john. They will order pizza from some place up the road for you?Anything you want or need you beter bring it.

I almost forgot to add ---he is CASH only....
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Red fox games
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