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Carolina Riot is a scenario paintball team
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 Line of Fire

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PostSubject: Line of Fire   Thu Aug 13, 2009 2:07 am

biggest takeaway---excellent but...small very small...but fun

Safety…10 out of 10 …Safe areas are really---really safe….and hot areas are hot…
well organized, well posted and well enforced…Rules are clearly explained and make good sense… the only thing I found odd was I had to chrono at 260 or 265, but when I played the city field I understood why…it has the potential to create some very close quarters combat and did Several times…just make sure your marker can chrono that low

Fields…7 out of 10…I didn’t play every field…since it was a Sunday and I just randomly walked on there was a good size group but not big enough for the “big woods” field. We played the little woods field…the city and the speedball field each several times with different games ….at first glance the fields seemed kinda small and tightly packed…but don’t let that fool you they play very well and are good sized once you play em.

Hours of operation….10 out of 10…the hours are clearly posted on the website and were exactly what the web site said they would be (which is a super plus, some places aren’t) and the field is open far more then most

Prices…OMG…11 out of 10…They allow you to bring your own paint (with a small fee I think I’m not sure). To be honest I wouldn’t think of it …they have great prices…Field fee was less then 10$... all day air or CO2 less then 10$.... Like I said ..there paint prices are just super and I like to shoot evil or Marbilizer …they have a wide range of paint and prices…but that’s the cheapest I’ve bought GOOD paint for yet …even to go play outlaw I think I gave 50 a case for marbalizer

Rules…10 out of 10…Well posted well enforced as I stated in the safety section...Rules for each game were clearly stated…never once did I have to be the voice of reason. The other rules thing I’d mention you play with what you bring. I play on 10BPS psp…if you pay an extra $60 or 70$ (or more) to make your marker shoot faster or buy a faster marker….there like go ahead and shoot faster then…and I agree with that …Also this is barrel sock/condom only (as most places are) so no barrel plugs

Services….9 out of 10….if you need it for the most part they have it….which is completely new to me…you could come in, in a pair of shorts to play…and they have everything on site…markers for sale or rent/ pants-- jerseys…and any other accessories you could want or need…that was pretty impressive…I give them a 9 because if want food or drink (other then water) you better bring it. They had sodas somewhere, but I didn’t ask and they didn’t offer they have a concession booth but with so small a turn out it didn’t open

Pro-shop…10 out of 10…They had an onsite tech there the whole time hey was legitimately gunsmith-ing and a very knowledgeable and nice guy to talk too...while we were talking I was glancing at his work …everything… BT's, spiders and shockers and just really a-1 work… id let them work on my marker and I don’t say that much

Rentals… 10 out of 10…I didn’t rent any gear…but I looked over the rental markers pretty good…and they were top notch BT4’s, spyders and a couple other brands…they have tons of rental markers which in itself is impressive but they all look semi new

Staff…10 out of 10…just awesome ...really nice people looking to promote the sport in a good family way and help you any way they can

Refs…10 out of 10…Refs were good and experienced and enforced all the rules

Players…10 out of 10….exactly what you’d expect…really no cheating but a little crying…people are people dumb people play dumb etc…and quite a few kids …but no worse then anywhere else…and there players skill level is way up there…and I learned a thing or two or probably three and four

Facilities…8 out of 10…The parking thing was kinda weird… you park next to the street out front and when I first walked up…to be honest its not that impressive and looks kinda hookie but don’t be fooled or make quick judgements…Like most paintball places..your relished to a porta-jon so try and go before you leave the house or at a place on the way…but if you really gotta go…it was a clean porta-jon
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Line of Fire
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