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 Rules for the B/S/T & Want to buy sections.

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PostSubject: Rules for the B/S/T & Want to buy sections.   Fri Mar 23, 2007 6:35 am

Rules for the B/S/T & Want to buy sections.
Buy, Sell, Trade Rules will be Strictly Enforced

Rules Modified from BST Rules

1. No eBay (or any other auction) links or posts are allowed. If we wanted to buy something on eBay, we'd be there instead of here.

2. No "how much is this worth" or "testing the waters" posts.

3. You MUST post a price for ALL FS/WTB ads.

4. If you feel that you offer a better deal, then make a new thread in the forum with your ad. Do not post in someone else's thread, therefore ruining their chances at selling their stuff.

5. No flaming what-so-ever.

6. ONE (1) up type post every 24 hours, including other people. Having your friends "up" posts for you will result in the closing of those threads.

7. PM's are your friend. They are there for a reason. Use them.

8. Number one reason for post deletion: The gun being sold or traded must be posted in its appropriate forum. For example: if you have an Ego and you want to trade it, you must post it in the Electronic BST forum.

9. All threads need to have a title relating to object(s) in the thread. No more "Look at me", "Leaving paintball, all must go!", or "Buy my stuff" threads. Relate the title to your gear, like "Impulse and other gear for sale".

10. No profanity in thread titles... None what-so-ever. This applies to any variations on profanity. Stars, charaters like @ and $, etc etc. Anything relating to profanity in your title and we'll edit or delete as we feel is necessary.

11. Product being sold must be in the seller's possession. You cannot sell pre-orders or drop-ship items.

12. No illegal items. This includes real firearms/drug items of any kind. They are not to be sold here. Underage users post here; this is not the place to do it.

13. No thread conversations. PM's are your friend. They are there for a reason. Use them. Do not carry on a conversation in your thread. If you do, we will delete it. It's considered upping.

Moderators are not all-seeing, all-knowing people. We do not have time to read every single thread on these forums. It is your responsibility as a user of these forums to report violations of these rules, as it is there to benefit you. Reporting a post will pretty much guarantee a mod will read the thread. Your moderators can be reached by PM's or the email in their profiles for questions regarding these rules or forums.

Happy Posting!
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Rules for the B/S/T & Want to buy sections.
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